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Crocus is a mission-driven organization that approaches change through effective data management strategies.

Transformation happens when you bring people together around useful information, a shared understanding of the vision, and a straightforward process for working together.


Crocus improves organizations by focusing on four guiding principles:

4 Pillars


Increase the field of opportunities for educators, leaders, and students.



Manage your most valuable asset: your people.



Understand the needs and skills of your stakeholders to thrive together.



Improve progress towards goals through continuous monitoring cycles.


Our Data Wellness Framework™  establishes your organization's data use roadmap for impact and change. In the complete process from data strategy to data use, the Data Wellness Framework™ captures essential stages from beginning to end.

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Meaningful stakeholder engagement is at the heart of all Crocus projects.


From readiness assessments to systems implementation, we listen and learn along with project participants in order to craft a solution that meets the unique needs of each organization.



As Implementers


We work alongside you building the capacity of your organization to become agile – the ability to quickly adapt to changing contexts when solving specific problems – and meet tomorrow’s needs without losing your identity.

As Data Experts


We believe that data use precedes action on a continuum – we create the conditions for organization to expertly use data. We align your data collection processes, technical solutions, and quality measures to your goals and objectives.

As Leaders


We are deeply committed to improving the lives of all learners, by also improving their communities of parents, educators, advocates, and administrators.

As Skilled Analysts


We know that what gets measured drives what gets done.

Crocus’ approach builds organizations’ resilience and capacities to respond to change. We empower organizations to use data to embed equity into decision-making and drive results for social impact.

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