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Data Wellness Framework™ is our suite of unique strategies, products, and services.

We empower organizations to access and analyze high-quality data and drive program improvements and equitable outcomes.

Products & Services

Data Strategy

and Governance



Data Management

and Literacy

P&S 01

Process Maturity Modeling

Evaluating the maturity of key processes and the capacity of the organization to meet its goals before charting a roadmap so that it becomes more stable, flexible, accountable, and data literate.

P&S 02

Data Diagnostic

Assessing the current state of the technology environment and data use so that solutions meet user needs and enhance the organization’s processes.


Data Governance

Developing structures for organizations to make lasting decisions concerning data quality and data use across process areas.

P&S 03

Use Case


Facilitating stakeholder sessions to define and document user needs and desired outcomes – resulting in solution designs that impact data access, management, reporting, and analysis for decision making.

P&S 04



Redesigning and improving the technical architecture of your organization using best-in-class technologies and data standards to meet institutional goals.


Educator Preparation

Data Model (EPDM)

A standards-based solution to manage the collection, integration, and reporting of program data on educator candidates to accelerate effectiveness.

P&S 05

Data Standards and Data Model Implementation

Using data standards and deploying the appropriate technical artifacts to connect an organization’s systems and achieve interoperability (Ed-Fi, CEDS, 1EdTech – former IMS Global).

P&S 06

Dashboards, Data Visualizations, and Reports

Creating visualizations for users to both meet reporting requirements and make real-time decisions, or design interventions for continuous improvement.




Modifying behavior and embedding changes in day-to-day activities so that users leverage the power of data.

P&S 07

Data Use

Building a culture of data use and helping team members learn when, where, and how to evaluate data to advance their organization’s mission.


Data Driven Performance Improvement

Designing efficient, sustainable processes and tools that empower organizations to effectively use data to foster collaborative problem-solving.




Establishing state-of-the-art knowledge management solutions for organizations to document, organize, and share institutional knowledge.

P&S 08

Crocus provides a highly curated suite of products and services designed to support advances in technology and elevate the work of organizations as they evolve to meet their missions.

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