Resilience powered by data.

EdTech solutions for social impact.

Organizations turn to Crocus to guide them to data ecosystems focused on achieving equitable outcomes. We are driven to continuously improve — and drive growth for impact. How can we grow your impact?


Our goal is to Guide Growth Towards Social Impact in Education.

We believe that the strategic use of technology and data are key to improving education and fighting poverty, inequity, and injustice. To that end, we create the necessary conditions for education organizations to build resilience and drive towards education data ecosystems that lay the foundation for a just and equitable society where students and their families can thrive.


Our Data Wellness Framework™ guides organizations in transforming data into meaningful outcomes through three key stages:


Data Strategy and Governance

We diagnose the state of your organization's data to create a strategy that optimizes policies and processes deployed to collect, store, organize, and use data in alignment with your objectives.




We implement systems and design data integrations to modernize the infrastructure your organization needs to support your data governance strategy.


Data Management

and Literacy

We provide you with the tools, artifacts, and knowledge needed to manage your organization’s data and transform it into actions driving better futures for all students.




We want to thank the Ed-Fi Alliance for awarding us, for the second year in a row, with the "2021 Ed-Fi Technical Contributor of the Year".


Hear From Our Clients and Team


The company’s holistic approach to technology and data will support our organization in meeting the needs of learners both today, and tomorrow.

Anne-Marie Hoxie, Chief Research Officer at the Relay Graduate School of Education


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Guiding Growth in Education


About Us

Crocus is a Latina-owned, DC-based, technology firm established in January 2021.*


We are a team of EdTech experts, educators, data analysts, scientists, engineers, managers, and passionate professionals committed to using data to positively impact lives and change society.

*Ana Quintana built the UPD Consulting Tech Group over a period of 10 years and purchased it intact in December 2020 to form Crocus, LLC.


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