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Data Wellness for

Equitable Outcomes

Advancing a series of strategies to ensure that organizations can access and analyze high-quality data to drive program improvements and equitable outcomes for students.


Data Diagnostic

Assessing the current state technology environment and the climate of data use so that solutions meet user needs and improve processes in the service of equitable outcomes for students.

Products & Services

Data Strategy and

Data Governance

Developing structures for organizations to make lasting decisions concerning data quality and use across process areas.

Infrastructure Modernization

Ensuring that organizations utilize top-of-market technologies to meet stakeholder needs and progress towards institutional goals.


Modeling Process Maturity

Evaluating the maturity of key processes and charting a roadmap for improvements such that organizations become more stable, flexible, regularly assessed against goals, and data literate.


Data Model Implementation

Deploying the Ed-Fi Operational Data Store (ODS)/API to achieve system interoperability and aligning sources to the CEDS model to ease reporting processes, enhance the compatibility of data, and take advantage of data warehouse solutions.

Educator Preparation Data

Model Implementation

Establishing technology solutions to manage the collection, integration, and reporting of data related to teacher effectiveness and equitable outcomes for students.


Creating visualizations users need to both meet reporting requirements and make real-time, continuous program improvements aimed at increasing equity in student achievement.

Dashboards, Data Visualizations and Reports Development

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