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‘Creating opportunities for marginalized groups’ is our 2024 theme

We will achieve equity when everyone can access the same rights and opportunities. We must keep fighting against the barriers and limitations imposed on traditionally underserved and underrepresented communities.

Every April, we choose a topic that resonates with us and aligns with our company's mission and beliefs. This topic defines the shortlist of possible candidates to star in our annual celebration, Crocus Day.

Last year the theme was 'Female empowerment in education', so Crocus Day 2023 was dedicated to Mary McLeod Bethune.

In 2024, we want to acknowledge not only women but also communities that have been historically oppressed and have been fighting for a long time to obtain rights that others take for granted. 'Creating opportunities for marginalized groups' is an open invitation to continue taking action.

According to the European Institute for Gender Equality, marginalized groups are “...people within a given culture, context and history at risk of being subjected to multiple discrimination due to the interplay of different personal characteristics or grounds”. The relegation of these groups is the result of systemic inequity: “Institutionally created and reinforced privilege for some groups of people and a lack of privilege and access to resources by others”. (EDUCAUSE, 2023)

It is always possible for a person to belong to two or more marginalized groups simultaneously. This makes the conversation and strategies to address equity more complex.

Globally and locally, there have been tons of marvelous people in history who have dedicated themselves to improving the lives of marginalized groups. They challenge the status quo, stand for what they believe is right, and fight with their actions to benefit future generations.

We invite you to celebrate the rights won and the people who made it possible; but most importantly, to keep pushing to close equity gaps for all groups and communities. Let us use education to dismantle structural barriers and promote a level playing field for all. 


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