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Crocus Day 2023: Mary McLeod Bethune

We are inspired by Mary McLeod Bethune and her passion for educating girls to lead in their communities, a philosophy that she called 'female uplift'.

Crocus Day 2023, observed on the second Monday in April - April 10th this year -, is dedicated to Mary McLeod Bethune, a pioneering educator and college founder, a civil & women's rights activist, counsel to US Presidents, and constant fighter for African Americans’ rights. She is one of the twentieth century's most important educator, leader and advocate for black women.

"My philosophy of education is the basic principle upon which my life has been built – that is the three-fold training of head, hand, heart."

– Mary McLeod Bethune (September 29, 1946)

We chose Mary McLeod Bethune as the first Crocus Day celebrant because she is a key figure in the history of US education. She was a pioneer for including black girls in the education system, and she was a cornerstone in promoting the importance of black women in government leadership positions.

Celebrate her life's work with us and learn more about Mary McLeod Bethune at these sites (among many):


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