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What is Crocus Day? And why do we celebrate it?

Each year, Crocus will choose an outstanding person who inspires us and represents our values and dedicate a day of reflection in their honor.

Crocus Day is a holiday, observed on the second Monday of April, dedicated to recognizing, respecting and highlighting the accomplishments of an individual or group of people who embody our company’s guiding principles, who deserve the recognition, and who might otherwise be overlooked.

Our first guiding principle, Equity, focuses on increasing the field of opportunities for educators, leaders, and students. We strive for client empowerment with an impact-centered perspective through our solutions and technical tools.

How does Crocus Day work? Crocus staff suggest a person or group of people that they admire and who they want to recognize and we vote on the selections. Thus, together we choose the Crocus Day person of the year.


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